List of past and present members of the WGDM (1988-1992) and of the DMTT (1993-2003)
for JGOFS (last update: October 2003).

The current list of DMTT members includes:
Margarita Conkright (Chair, USA), Brian Griffiths (Australia), Donald Spear (Canada), Marie-Paule Torre (France), Joachim Herrmann (Germany), Jaswant Sarupria (India), Satoshi Sato (Japan), Roy Lowry (UK), Cyndy Chandler (USA)


Hereafter are some achievements and documents related to JGOFS Data & Information Management


  • SCOR Report of the JGOFS Working Group on Data Management. Bedford Institute of Oceanography, CANADA. September 1988.

  • International JGOFS Report No. 4. JGOFS North Atlantic Bloom Experiment: Report of the First Data Workshop. Kiel, March 1990.

More information is available in the "Data and Information Management" page,
where non-JGOFS and non-official documents are presented.


last updated 12.11.2003

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