The JGOFS project has produced large and diverse datasets related to its core parameters and numerous cruises. The cruise inventories are organised either by basin:

Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Southern Ocean Other Basins

or by country:

Australia China-Taiwan Italy Russia United Kingdom
Belgium France Japan South Africa United States
Bermuda Germany Netherlands South Korea
Canada Iceland New Zealand Spain
Chile India Norway Sweden
China-Beijing Ireland Pakistan Switzerland

All inventories are presented in pdf format (last updated in April 2003).



The JGOFS datasets have been published in the "JGOFS International Collection DVD. Volume 1: discrete datasets" (May 2003):

The DMTT members have edited, with the help of the IPO Assistant Executive Officer, a data product entitled "JGOFS International Data Collection, Volume 1: Discrete Datasets" DVD, and have distributed it during the final JGOFS Open Science Conference in May 2003. Each current DMTT representative (from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom, United States) is able to distribute few extra copies. The JGOFS IPO has few extra copies too. The main distributor is the World Data Center A for Oceanography. The JGOFS DMTT and IPO AEO are the editors and the copyright holders of this DVD product. (July 2003).



  In addition, following some early contacts made by German JGOFS scientists, and some exploratory work for a collaboration with mutual benefits, the Pangaea team at the ICSU World Data Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (WDC-MARE, Germany) met in January 2003 with several JGOFS representatives to build and improve an initiative aiming at the full online accessibility and long-term archiving of all JGOFS data and metadata through the WDC system (see JGOFS-PANGAEA Report). During its final meeting, in March 2003 (see JGOFS Report 37), the DMTT supported the plan of the Pangaea team to publish in 2004 a new DVD, to be entitled "International JGOFS Data Collection. Volume 2: Integrated datasets", and a companion WDC-MARE report in paper version (see draft cover). All datasets in this new data product should be accessible in a common file and data format through the Pangaea user and visualization interface and organised by countries, project, cruise and dataset for each parameter.

The JGOFS DMTT and IPO will continue to work with the Pangaea team until JGOFS comes to an end in December 2003. Afterward, they could continue, on a voluntary basis, their involvement with WDC-MARE in order to help producing the DVD version 2 of integrated datasets. Some JGOFS datasets not included in the JGOFS DVD vol.1 will also be added in the on-line and DVD dataset versions prepared by the WDC-MARE.

Since January 2003, the Pangaea team at the WDC-MARE has carried on the compilation and harmonization of the JGOFS datasets in its Pangaea information system (about 40,000 JGOFS dataset entries, so far [mid-December 2003]). You can now access those national JGOFS datasets on-line on the WDC-MARE, for the following contributing countries. :

Australia Canada France Germany
India Netherlands New Zealand (SOIREE) Norway
Pakistan Spain (FRUELA) United Kingdom United States

(October 2003)


After the final meeting of the JGOFS Executive Committee (late September 2003), several texts and messages were prepared and sent to interested parties:

                            Note to, and from the ExComm regarding the WDC-MARE initiative,

                            Messages regarding DVD vol2 sent to all interest parties.


  Please, do not hesitate to contact Hannes Grobe ( who is the leader of the Pangaea initiative for JGOFS at the WDC-MARE, so that, for your country, the JGOFS-relevant datasets, not already included in the JGOFS DVD vol. 1, be part of the JGOFS-Pangaea DVD vol. 2.  


More information is available in the "Data and Information Management" page,
where non-JGOFS and non-official documents are presented.

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