The aims of the Equatorial Pacific Process Study are to assess: 
(i) how large a role the equatorial Pacific plays in global biogeochemical cycling; 
(ii) how efficiently the carbon pump operates in the equatorial Pacific; 
(iii) how midwater, deepwater, and benthic processes modify or control fluxes in this region; and 
(iv) how equatorial Pacific biogeochemical cycling is affected by El Niņo conditions

The major participating countries and their research projects are as follows:

Australia: OZGOFS
Canada: Canadian-JGOFS Equatorial Pacific programme
France: (i) Oligotrophic Pacific Study (OLIPAC);(ii) "Flux dans l'ouest du Pacifique Equatorial" (FLUPAC), both within the "Etude de Processes dans l'Ocean Pacifique Equatorial" (EPOPE)
Japan: Eastern Tropical Pacific programme (Hakuho Maru Cruise KH-90-2)
USA: US JGOFS Equatorial Pacific program (EqPac)


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The EPSG recently hold an open workshop and a close meeting at the Darling Marine Center, University of Maine, Walpole, Maine, USA, 17-19 September 2002.
A short Report is now available! (October 2002) [pdf format]
The report now includes links to the oral presentations available to all. (December 2002)

See also JGOFS Report No. 8. "Report of the International Workshop on Equatorial Pacific Process Studies". Tokyo, April 1990.